General Edit

There are three different kind of card: wind, fire and water. And they have different rarities (C, UC, R, HR, SR and MR).

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Enshrine Edit

Enshrine up to 10 cards in another! This will increase LV, ATK and DEF of target card. When 2 cards or more are associated with skill, the skill of the target card will be increased.

The higher the level of the card, the more you have to pay!!!

Evolve Edit

Evolve 2 cards with the same name. This will increase the stage. This will reset all stats of this card, but 5% of ATK/DEF from the target card (10% of a level max card) and Skill will be saved.  


LV 3 Zombie with Skill lv 2, stage 1 will be evolved. After evolving it is a lv 1 Zombie with Skill lv 2, stage 2.